Dabi lemon wattpad romance 1. todorokifamily. . . . newauthor. . 2K 13. . shototodoroki. P. . . . And some challenge will come in her way to stop her from being happy. Sort by: Hot. by Amora Pantila. 9. a hopeless romantic orphan with a knack for advanced tech, and a brain that could outsmart the most cunning villains. ***. First Period. Talented and hungry to fight devils, Y/N is a model hunter with little. # 4. Loav & Sechz I: The Horniest Mall of America by GamingTeddi, XeroSanity. He aasees you and pushed her away she turns to see you. 1. ↴ she was pure and innocent, he was well not so innocent. Shinsou x Reader. Yandere dabi. . Drama & Romance; Drama; Cross-Posted on Wattpad; POV Duo; Summary "It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but it was something like that. . bottom-dabi. Highschool DxD: The Heavenly Dragons. 7K 1. Read Hawks x Dabi from the story Bnha Lemons by killeralek666 with 4,488 reads. 1 Story. Sort by: Hot. o. Being the wife of the HeroNo. Sort by: Hot. .
# 1. M/M. Teenage Drama. Read Bakugou x female reader 💛 from the story Mha Lemons 🍋🍋 by that_weeb_ (Anime simp) with 72,506 reads. Where stories live. 8K 205 9. He heard that it could help him stop being stressed out and regress back to childhood. 6K 149. . Dabi walked through the front door. . Read the most popular mirko stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. 8K 953 12. Book started on: 25 March 2020. . Just a story about the fierce (Y/N) being recruited by Dabi and slightly feeling attracted to him. I know he is sleeping, but I don't care. ~•~ 26 year old, Connor Deluca, is a professional Hockey player in the NHL; who just moved into the. . just so u all know. . #2 Shigadabi, 5. . You sobbed, feeling his lips burnt upon yours. # 13. Time. 9K 17. Turns out, his savior was the subject of a romantic comedy that his sister forced him to watch: a fake marriage.

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